Nine Hole Courses

Chart My Golf has equal emphasis on 9 hole courses as well as 18 hole courses. Here are some brief tips.

Nine Hole Course Example Analysis As we will see, for 9 hole course analysis you will need to set up your statistics pages a little differently. Wherever you see a selection-box with the default setting of 'Complete Round', click this and select 'First Nine' instead. (An example is shown opposite.) This simple change will give you equivalent analysis features to golfers playing on 18 hole courses.

A fuller overview of 9 hole courses is now given.

  • When you create a course, repeat the course-statistics for both 'in' and 'out'-nines. E.g., if hole 2 is a par 3 of 180 yards, then so is hole 11.
  • If you enter a round where you only play 9-holes, put no-scores for holes 10 to 18. Down the in-nine section (on the right), you will see the scores defaulting on par. The fast way to do this is to click the '9/18' button and the in-nine scores will toggle between no-score ('x') and par score. Alternatively, each entry has an up and down arrow. Click the down arrow, and keep it down. (Or repeatedly click it.) The score will decrease until an 'x' appears. This is a no-score.
    The left hand side you fill in as normal. Don't forget the round-green buttons at the top of each column assist with quick score input. For example, if you are roughly an 18 handicap person, you might want to click the green-button that defaults all the scores to 'par+1'. Hover your mouse over each green button to see what it does. (In fact, if you are unsure about anything in the program, even the analysis sections, hover over it and a hint usually appears.)
  • There are two possible solutions if you enter a round where you play the nine-holes twice.
    1. The first is to repeat the above for each nine holes. This is the one you use when you don't usually play a full 18 holes at one time.
    2. The second is to use the in-nine for your second nine. This is the one you use if you typically play 18 holes at a time (i.e. both nines twice).

The analysis part of the program is equally friendly to 9 hole courses.

  1. Click the icon with graphs on it on the main page.
  2. Keep the Round Summary selected in Focus. (Round Summary is the most popular and in depth tool.)
  3. Click Draw.
  4. A summary of the most recent round will be given. (Use the mouse hover over the labels like GIR to see what each statistic is.) Note that 'in' and 'out' nines are given separately (as they are throughout the program) so nine-hole course analysis is fully integrated in the design.
  5. Now click the 'Averages' tab. If you have only entered 9 hole rounds the score shows '-' indicating no-score. However, where it says 'Complete Round' click it and choose 'First Nine'. There you have your 9 hole analysis.
  6. Now click the 'Score by Par' tab. Pie charts are presented which automatically ignore no-scores (i.e. your in-nine). So they work without any effort at all.
  7. Now click the 'Moving Average' tab. If you have only entered 9 hole rounds there will be no graphs! Notice the default setting is 'Complete Round' again. Click it and select 'First Nine'. Once again your nine-hole analysis graphs appear.
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