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Main Menu Screen of Chart My Golf

ChartMyGolf - The Golf Stats Program

ChartMyGolf is a web-based program that will track and analyse your golf statsistics in a graphical form.

It has been built using the powerful and free Silverlight web-technologies from Microsoft and even works on Macs as well as PCs. Just load up the web-page and it is there waiting for you. You will always have the newest version of ChartMyGolf as any improvements will automatically be added each time you visit the web-page.

Additionally, thanks to the power of Silverlight, you can save your golf stats safely and securely to your own hard-drive rather than have it sit on our server. This also means you can transfer your golf stats between your home desktop and your work laptop rather than being tied to a single computer, as would be the case with the typical web-based solution of local storage.

New Course and Tees Screen of Chart My Golf

Golf Courses and Tee Settings

You only need to enter the information for each golf course once and it will be stored ready for next time.

Each golf course can have as many tee settings as you need and can be added at any time. For example you could have the standard Championship, Men's and Ladies tees. You can even add temporary tee-settings when parts of the course are being repaired, eg 'Men's - Spring 2011'. You have complete control.

New Golfer Screen of Chart My Golf

Golfer Information

Enter each golfer's information once and then their statistics will automatically be updated with every round you enter.

New Golf Round Screen of Chart My Golf
New Round Averages
New Round By Par
New Round Moving Averages

Round Input

Entering your rounds of golf is very simple. Click the golfer, click the course, click the date and then the software will enter default scores for each hole. (You can change the defaults with just a click of a button.)

Then select your scores for each hole using a fast and simple selection process. You do not have to type a thing. Watch the totals, in-nine and out-nine sub-totals automatically update for you. If you forget something, or enter something incorrectly, do not worry, you can edit a round at any time and all your information will be corrected.

The powerful software will even recognise No-Scores. You only need to enter the information you want. ChartMyGolf actively encourages you to search out your old score cards and submit them to the program as well. The more information you give the more stats there are to analyse.

Now ChartMyGolf will immediately present you with many mini-graphs for that single round and comparing it with your previous efforts. Now by just entering one round a mutitude of graphs will be available to you.

Pie Chart Graph of Chart My Golf

Cross Course Analysis

The powerful ChartMyGolf analysis tools allow you to analyse your game on different courses simultaneously.

Round of Golf Graph of Chart My Golf

Graphs Galore

All your information can be retrieved in graphical form. Every aspect of your game can be analysed using our simple point-and-click system. We are going to add even more, so keep an eye on our news-desk.

See where you are improving and see where things still need work. The powerful trend analysis algorithms in ChartMyGolf are presented in a simple, green-is-good, red-is-bad format so you can see when a hiccup is turning into a trend. If you can spot a trend early your Golf-Pro can sort it out before it becomes a habit. (You do not need to know or even have to do the complicated trend-mathematics calculations involved in this technique. It is all done for you behind the scenes.)

You can analyse many aspects of your game including Scores, Fairways Hit, Greens in Regulation, Putts, Penalties, Water hazards, Greenside Scores. You only have to track what you want as our powerful software will even recognise No-Scores.

Round Summary Table of Chart My Golf

A Work-In-Progress

Even though ChartMyGolf is probably the most user-friendly and most powerful golf stats analysis tool available it is also a work-in-progress. It has been evolving since the early days of Dos and Windows 3.1 and is now presented in this web-based release.

The great advantage of a web-based program is when we update our personal version of this program you will also get the update immediately. So even though ChartMyGolf already has a considerable list of features and functions our list of things to add is even longer. Do not be afraid to contact us and say what you would like to see. If it is on our list of things to do it might get bumped up a few places with encouragement from you.

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